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Title: (Re)using historic buildings as a retail differentiation strategy
Authors: Plevoets, B. 
Petermans, A. 
Van Cleempoel, K. 
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Green Lines Institute
Source: Amoêda, R.; Lira, S.; Pinheiro, C. (Ed.). Heritage 2012 – Heritage and Sustainable Development
Abstract: As a method for differentiation, some retailers look for historic buildings to locate their store. This research tries to formulate an answer to the question how to strike a balance between respectful restoration and commercial exploitation of a heritage building. The first section of our paper describes the tension between retail and heritage in historic city centres by using a SWOT-analysis, and argues how the role of retail branding can bridge these positions in creating a retail design that respects the historic and architectural qualities of the host space. The second section analyses two Belgian case studies of retailers who intentionally looked for a historic setting for their stores through interviews with architects and retailers who were involved in the project. The conclusion states that retail branding may contribute towards a balance between interests of retailers and conservators.
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ISBN: 978-989-95671-8-4
Category: C1
Type: Proceedings Paper
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