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Title: Towards Semantic Trajectory Knowledge Discovery
Authors: BOGORNY, Vania 
ALVARES, Luis Otavio 
Fernandes de Macedo, Jose Antonio
Tietbohl Palma, Andrey
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: Trajectory data play a fundamental role to an increasing number of applications, such as transportation management, urban planning and tourism. Trajectory data are normally available as sample points. However, for many applications, meaningful patterns cannot be extracted from trajectory sample points without considering the background geographic information. In this paper we propose a novel framework for semantic trajectory knowledge discovery. We propose to integrate trajectory sample points to the geographic information which is relevant to the application. Therefore, we extract the most important parts of trajectories, which are stops and moves, before applying data mining methods. Empirically we show the application and usability of our approach.
Keywords: semantic trajectories, trajectory knowledge discovery, moving objects, data mining, geographic databases
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Category: R2
Type: Research Report
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