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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12013Green Offerings and Buyer-Supplier Collaboration in Value ChainsMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Book SectionB2
22011Internationalization Revisited: Progression through Institutionalization, Exploitative and Exploratory LearningPAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Book SectionB2
32011Building capabilities to manage strategic alliancesSluyts, Kim; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Martens, Rudy; STREUKENS, Sandra Journal ContributionA1
42009Insights into the process of changing sourcing strategiesFAES, Wouter ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Journal ContributionA1
52006Global purchasing strategy: Conceptualization and measurementQUINTENS, Lieven ; PAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Journal ContributionA1
62006Value innovation in business markets: breaking in the industry recipeMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Vandenbempt, Koen; Berghman, LiseloreJournal ContributionA2
72006Marketing and sales: optimization of a neglected relationshipMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Johnston, Wesley J.Journal ContributionA1
82006The global purchasing challenge : A look back and a look aheadMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; PAUWELS, Piet ; QUINTENS, Lieven Journal ContributionA2
92006Global purchasing : State of the art and research directionsQUINTENS, Lieven ; PAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Journal ContributionA1
102006A technological contingency perspective on the dept and scope of international outsourcingMol, M.J.; PAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Book SectionB2
112005The internationalization process of service providers: a literature reviewLOMMELEN, Tinne ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Journal ContributionA1
122005Barriers to strategic innovation in industrial marketsMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Vandenbempt, KoenJournal ContributionA2
132005Managing channel relations in China: an exploratory studyMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Journal ContributionA1
142005From product to total solution: an enriched channel perspectiveMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Buyl, TineResearch ReportR2
152005The internationalization process of purchasing on both sides of the Atlantic: resemblances and differences, competitive paperQUINTENS, Lieven ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Proceedings PaperC2
162005A marketing perspective on global purchasing strategyQUINTENS, Lieven ; PAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Proceedings PaperC2
172005Een typologie van ontwikkelingsprocessen in hoogtechnologische sectorenMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Vandenbempt, Koen; Verboven, PeterJournal ContributionA3
182005Strategic flexibility, rigidity and barriers to the development of absorptive capacity in business markets:: themes and research perspectivesMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; PAUWELS, Piet ; Vandenbempt, KoenJournal ContributionA1
192005From single to multiple sourcing and vice versa: insights into the process of changing strategiesFAES, Wouter ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Vanstraelen, K.Proceedings PaperC2
202005Purchasing internationalisation on both sides of the AtlanticQUINTENS, Lieven ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Journal ContributionA1