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HUANG, Yanru
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12019Effect of platelet-rich plasma on peri-implant trabecular bone volume and architecture: A preclinical micro-CT study in beagle dogsSalmon, Benjamin; Li, Zhaokai; Jacobs, Reinhilde; Huang, Bo; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; HUANG, Yanru; Van Dessel, Jeroen; POLITIS, ConstantinusJournal ContributionA1
22016EphrinB1 and EphrinB2 regulate T cell chemotaxis and migration in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosisGhannam, Soufiane; Larochelle, Catherine; Prat, Alexandre; Jin, Wei; Luo, Hongyu; BROUX, Bieke; HUANG, Yanru; Wang, Xuehai; Wu, JiangpingJournal ContributionA1
32015Sensory innervation around immediately vs. delayed loaded implants: a pilot studyJacobs, Reinhilde; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Ma, Guowu; HUANG, Yanru; LIN, Dan; van Dessel, Jeroen; LIANG, Xin; MARTENS, Wendy; Zhong, Wei-JianJournal ContributionA1
42015A systematic review on the innervation of peri-implant tissues with special emphasis on the influence of implant placement and loading protocolsJacobs, Reinhilde; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; HUANG, Yanru; Van Dessel, Jeroen; Bornstein, Michael M.; POLITIS, ConstantinusJournal ContributionA1
52014Validating cone-beam computed tomography for peri-implant bone morphometric analysisJacobs, Reinhilde; EzEldeen, Mostafa; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; Iliescu, Alexandru Andrei; Dos Santos, Emanuela; HUANG, Yanru; Van Dessel, Jeroen; LIANG, Xin; Depypere, MaartenJournal ContributionA1
62008High resolution electron momentum spectroscopy of the valence orbitals of waterDeng, JK; HAJGATO, Balazs; Luo, ZH; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan; Zhang, SF; Liu, K; HUANG, Yanru; DELEUZE, MichaelJournal ContributionA1
72008Study of the photoelectron and electron momentum spectra of cyclopentene using benchmark Dyson orbital theoriesNing, Chuan G.; HUANG, Yanru; Deng, Jing K.; DELEUZE, MichaelJournal ContributionA1
82008Study of the valence wave function of thiophene with high resolution electron momentum spectroscopy and advanced dyson orbital theoriesLuo, Z.H.; HAJGATO, Balazs; Liu, K.; Zhang, S.F.; HUANG, Yanru; Ning, C.G.; DELEUZE, Michael; Deng, J.K.Journal ContributionA1
92008Investigation of the molecular conformations of ethanol using electron momentum spectroscopyHAJGATO, Balazs; Liu, K.; Zhang, S.F.; MORINI, Filippo; HUANG, Yanru; DELEUZE, Michael; Ning, C. G.; Luo, Z. H.; Deng, J.K.Journal ContributionA1
102007Probing molecular conformations in momentum space: The case of n-pentaneHAJGATO, Balazs; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; HUANG, Yanru; DELEUZE, Michael; Deng, J.K.Journal ContributionA1
112007Imaging momentum orbital densities of conformationally versatile molecules: A benchmark theoretical study of the molecular and electronic structures of dimethoxymethaneHAJGATO, Balazs; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan; Deng, J. K.; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; HUANG, Yanru; DELEUZE, MichaelJournal ContributionA1