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12016Sustained synchronized neuronal network activity in a human astrocyte co-culture systemVerheyen, An; KUIJLAARS, Jacobine; Versweyveld, Sofie; Peeters, Pieter J.; Cik, Miroslav; BRONE, Bert; MEERT, Theo; Verschuuren, Marlies; Detrez, Jan R.; Nuydens, Rony; Verstraelen, Peter; Diels, Annick; Oyelami, Tutu; De Vos, Winnok H.; Tuefferd, Marianne; Rohrbacher, Jutta; Meneghello, GiuliaJournal ContributionA1
22016Systematic Analysis of the Cytokine and Anhedonia Response to Peripheral Lipopolysaccharide Administration in RatsBouwknecht, Jan A.; De Haes, Patrick; MEERT, Theo; BIESMANS, Steven; Matthews, Liam J. R.; Ver Donck, Luc; Nuydens, Rony; HELLINGS, NielsJournal ContributionA1
32015Effect of stress and peripheral immune activation on astrocyte activation in transgenic bioluminescent Gfap-luc miceAelvoet, S.A.; Nuydens, R.; Langlois, X.; MEERT, Theo; BIESMANS, Steven; Ver Donck, L.; Cotto, C.; Bouwknecht, J.A.; Acton, Paul D.; HELLINGS, NielsJournal ContributionA1
42015Peripheral Administration of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Induces Neuroinflammation and Sickness but Not Depressive-Like Behavior in MiceLanglois, Xavier; DAVOODI, Nima; Bouwknecht, Jan A.; De Haes, Patrick; MEERT, Theo; BIESMANS, Steven; Ver Donck, Luc; Nuydens, Rony; Acton, Paul D.; HELLINGS, NielsJournal ContributionA1
52012Systemic anti-vascular endothelial growth factor therapies induce a painful sensory neuropathyVerheyen, An; Carmeliet, Peter; Timmermans, Jean-Pierre; Lambrechts, Diether; Poesen, Koen; Daniels, Anneleen; MEERT, Theo; Pintelon, Isabel; Nuydens, Rony; Dhondt, Joke; PEERAER, EveJournal ContributionA1
62011Neuronal FLT1 receptor and its selective ligand VEGF-B protect against retrograde degeneration of sensory neuronsVerheyen, An; Beerens, Manu; Lambrechts, Diether; Haigh, Jody J.; Poesen, Koen; MEERT, Theo; Dhondt, Joke; Nuydens, Rony; Carmeliet, Peter; Buysschaert, Ian; Shibuya, Masabumi; PEERAER, Eve; Van Geyte, KatieJournal ContributionA1
72009The effect of histamine, a traumatic brain injury mediator, on the function of aquaporin-4 in rat brain in vivoNuydens, R.; Timmermans, J. P.; MEERT, Theo; SMETS, Anke; RIGO, Jean-Michel; DE JONGH, Rafael; Pintelon, I.; THYS, IsabelProceedings PaperC1
82009Active H(1)-receptors protect against the harmful effects of H(2)-receptors in a histamine induced brain edema modelNuydens, R.; MEERT, Theo; SMETS, Anke; RIGO, Jean-Michel; DE JONGH, RafaelProceedings PaperC1
92008Aquaporin-4 in the brain: a reviewNuydens, R.; MEERT, Theo; SMETS, Anke; Vissers, K.; DE JONGH, RafaelJournal ContributionA2