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12022Impact of human genetic variants on C-Reactive Protein levels and acute appendicitisRicano-Ponce, Isis; PEETERS, Toon ; Matzaraki, Vasiliki; Netea, Mihai; GYSSENS, Inge ; Kumar, VinodJournal ContributionM
22022A prospective observational cohort study to identify inflammatory biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with sepsisD'ONOFRIO, Valentino ; HEYLEN, Dries ; PUSPARUM, Murih ; Grondman, Inge; VANWALLEGHEM, Johan ; Meersman , Agnes; Cartuyvels, Reinoud; MESSIAEN, Peter ; Joosten, Leo A. B.; Netea, Mihai G.; VALKENBORG, Dirk ; Ertaylan, Gokhan; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
32021Herpes Simplex Virus Re-Activation in Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Pneumonia: A Prospective, Observational StudyFranceschini, Erica; Cozzi-Lepri, Alessandro; Santoro, Antonella; Bacca, Erica; Lancellotti, Guido; Menozzi, Marianna; Gennari, William; Meschiari, Marianna; Bedini, Andrea; Orlando, Gabriella; Puzzolante, Cinzia; Digaetano, Margherita; Milic, Jovana; Codeluppi, Mauro; Pecorari, Monica; Carli, Federica; Cuomo, Gianluca; Alfano, Gaetano; Corradi, Luca; Tonelli, Roberto; De Maria, Nicola; Busani, Stefano; Biagioni, Emanuela; Coloretti, Irene; Guaraldi, Giovanni; Sarti, Mario; Luppi, Mario; Clini, Enrico; Girardis, Massimo; GYSSENS, Inge ; Mussini, CristinaJournal ContributionA1
42021Audit of empirical antibiotic therapy for sepsis and the impact of early multidisciplinary consultation on patient outcomesD'ONOFRIO, Valentino ; MAGERMAN, Koen ; WAUMANS, Luc ; van Halem, Karlijn; COX, Janneke ; Cartuyvels, Reinoud; VAN DER HILST, Jeroen ; MESSIAEN, Peter ; GYSSENS, Inge ; Meersman, AgnesJournal ContributionA1
52021Risk factors for mortality, ICU admission and bacteremia in patients suspected of sepsis at the Emergency department. A prospective cohort studyD'ONOFRIO, Valentino ; Meersman, Agnes; Vijgen, Sara; Cartuyvels, Reinoud; MESSIAEN, Peter ; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
62020The Clinical Impact of Rapid Molecular Microbiological Diagnostics for Pathogen and Resistance Gene Identification in Patients With Sepsis: A Systematic ReviewD'ONOFRIO, Valentino ; Salimans, Lene; Bedenic, Branka; Cartuyvels, Reinoud; Barisic, Ivan; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
72020Editorial: Antimicrobial Stewardship in Low- and Middle-Income CountriesGYSSENS, Inge ; Wertheim, Heiman F.Journal ContributionA2
82020An observational study of innate immune responses in patients with acute appendicitisPEETERS, Toon ; MARTENS, Sandrina; D'ONOFRIO, Valentino ; STAPPERS, Mark ; VAN DER HILST, Jeroen ; Houben, Bert; ACHTEN, Ruth ; Joosten, Leo A. B.; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
92020Epidemiology of colistin-resistant, carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae and Acinetobacter baumannii in CroatiaD'ONOFRIO, Valentino ; Conzemius, Rick; Varda-Brkic, Dijana; Bogdan, Maja; Grisold, Andrea; GYSSENS, Inge ; Bedenic, Branka; Barisic, IvanJournal ContributionA1
102020A case study on Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia: available treatment options, antibiotic R&D and responsible antibiotic-use strategiesMONNIER, Annelie ; Tacconelli, Evelina; Årdal, Christine; Cavaleri, Marco; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
112020Differentiating influenza from COVID-19 in patients presenting with suspected sepsisD'ONOFRIO, Valentino ; Van Steenkiste, Eveline; Meersman, Agnes; WAUMANS, Luc ; Cartuyvels, Reinoud; Van Halem, Karlijn; MESSIAEN, Peter ; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
122019Ensuring antibiotic development, equitable availability and responsible use of effective antibiotics: recommendations for multisectoral actionMONNIER, Annelie ; Schouten, J.; Tebano, G.; Zanichelli, V.; Huttner, B. D.; Pulcini, C.; Årdal, C.; Harbarth, S.; Hulscher, M. E.; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
132019The fecal and mucosal microbiome in acute appendicitis patients: an observational study.PEETERS, Toon ; Penders, John; Smeekens, Sanne P.; Galazzo, Gianluca; Houben, Bert; Netea, Mihai G; Savelkoul Paul H; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
142019Lesion size is associated with genetic polymorphisms in TLR1, TLR6, and TIRAP genes in patients with major abscesses and diabetic foot infectionsD'ONOFRIO, Valentino ; MONNIER, Annelie ; KREMER, Cécile ; Stappers, Mark H. T.; Netea, Mihai G.; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
152019Animal models for research in human infectious diseases. CMI editorial policyGYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA2
162018Do medical students feel prepared to prescribe antibiotics responsibly? Results from a cross-sectional survey in 29 European countriesDyar, Oliver J.; Nathwani, Dilip; Monnet, Dominique L.; GYSSENS, Inge ; Lundborg, Cecilia Stalsby; Pulcini, CelineJournal ContributionA1
172018Patient-related determinants of antibiotic use: a systematic reviewZanichelli, V.; Tebano, G.; GYSSENS, Inge ; Vlahović-Palčevski, V.; MONNIER, Annelie ; Stanic Benic, M.; Harbarth, S.; Hulscher, M.; Pulcini, C.; Huttner, B.D.Journal ContributionA1
182018Quality indicators for responsible antibiotic use in the inpatient setting: a systematic review followed by an international multidisciplinary consensus procedureMONNIER, Annelie ; Schouten, Jeroen; Le Marechal, Marion; Tebano, Gianpiero; Pulcini, Celine; Benic, Mirjana Stanic; Vlahovic-Palcevski, Vera; Milanic, Romina; Adriaenssens, Niels; Versporten, Ann; Huttner, Benedikt; Zanichelli, Veronica; Hulscher, Marlies E.; GYSSENS, Inge Journal ContributionA1
192018Metrics for quantifying antibiotic use in the hospital setting: results from a systematic review and international multidisciplinary consensus procedureBenic, Mirjana Stanic; Milanic, Romina; MONNIER, Annelie ; GYSSENS, Inge ; Adriaenssens, Niels; Versporten, Ann; Zanichelli, Veronica; Le Marechal, Marion; Huttner, Benedikt; Tebano, Gianpiero; Hulscher, Marlies E.; Pulcini, Celine; Schouten, Jeroen; Vlahovic-Palcevski, VeraJournal ContributionA1
202018Re: "Comparison of antipseudomonal betalactams for febrile neutropenia empiric therapy: systematic review and network metaanalysis" by Horita et alAverbuch, Diana; Orasch, Christina; Mikulska, Malgorzata; Livermore, David Martin; Viscoli, Claudio; GYSSENS, Inge ; Kern, W. V.; Klyasova, Galina; Marchetti, Oscar; Engelhard, Dan; Akova, Murat; Calandra, Thierry F.; Cordonnier, CatherineJournal ContributionA1