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12017Single-Shot Detection of Neurotransmitters in Whole-Blood Samples by Means of the Heat-Transfer Method in Combination with Synthetic ReceptorsCornelis, Peter; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; PEETERS, Marloes; VANDENRYT, Thijs; CLEIJ, Thomas; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; THOELEN, Ronald; EERSELS, Kasper; Kholwadia, Safira; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
22015Heat-Transfer-Method-Based Cell Culture Quality Assay through Cell Detection by Surface Imprinted PolymersPuttmann, Christiane; SOMERS, Veerle; KHORSHID, Mehran; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; CLEIJ, Thomas; Barth, Stefan; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; DILIEN, Hanne; EERSELS, Kasper; Stein, Christoph; Bos, Gerard M. J.; THOELEN, Ronald; Germeraad, Wilfred T. V.; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
32015Improving the sensitivity of the heat-transfer method (HTM) for cancer cell detection with optimized sensor chipsSOMERS, Veerle; Germeraad, W. T. V.; Puettmann, C.; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; Barth, Stefan; Cleij, T. J.; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; Dilien, H.; EERSELS, Kasper; Stein, C.; PEETERS, Marloes; VANDENRYT, Thijs; Bos, G. M. J.; THOELEN, Ronald; JIMENEZ MONROY, Kathia; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
42014Heat transfer resistance as a tool to quantify hybridization efficiency of DNA on a nanocrystalline diamond surfaceDRIJKONINGEN, Sien; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; Cornelis, P.; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; LOSADA-PEREZ, Patricia; EERSELS, Kasper; HAENEN, Ken; WACKERS, Gideon; PEETERS, Marloes; VANDENRYT, Thijs; KELLENS, Evelien; THOELEN, Ronald; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
52014A novel concept for the specific detection of circulating cells based on heat flow through surface-imprinted polymer layersEERSELS, KasperTheses and DissertationsT1
62014The Heat-Transfer Method: A Versatile Low-Cost, Label-Free, Fast, and User-Friendly Readout Platform for Biosensor ApplicationsPEETERS, Marloes; VANDENRYT, Thijs; CLEIJ, Thomas; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; LOSADA-PEREZ, Patricia; EERSELS, Kasper; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
72014Heat-Transfer Resistance Measurement Method (HTM)-Based Cell Detection at Trace Levels Using a Progressive Enrichment Approach with Highly Selective Cell-Binding Surface ImprintsDE CEUNINCK, Ward; Barth, Stefan; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; Bouwmans, Evelien E.; HENDRIKS, Jerome; PĆ¼ttmann, Christiane; EERSELS, Kasper; Daemen, Mat; Stein, Christoph; BERS, Karolien; Bos, Gerard M. J.; GERMERAAD, Wilfred; BOGIE, Jeroen; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
82013Selective Identification of Macrophages and Cancer Cells Based on Thermal Transport through Surface-Imprinted Polymer LayersSOMERS, Veerle; Daemen, Mat J. A. P.; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; CLEIJ, Thomas; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; ETHIRAJAN, Anitha; HENDRIKS, Jerome; EERSELS, Kasper; VANDENRYT, Thijs; TIMMERMANS, Silke; BOGIE, Jeroen; PUNNIYAKOTI, Sathya; JIMENEZ MONROY, Kathia; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
92013Surface plasmon resonance-based DNA microarrays: Comparison of thiol and phosphorothioate modified oligonucleotidesMertig, M.; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; Kick, A.; JIMENEZ MONROY, Kathia; EERSELS, Kasper; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
102013Electronic monitoring of chemical DNA denaturation on nanocrystalline diamond electrodes with different molarities and flow ratesDE CEUNINCK, Ward; BROEDERS, Jeroen; MURIB, Mohammed Sharif; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart; GRIETEN, Lars; AMELOOT, Marcel; VERMEEREN, Veronique; EERSELS, Kasper; MICHIELS, Luc; Schoening, M. J.; JANSSENS DE VAREBEKE, Sebastien; HAENEN, Ken; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
112009Synthese en optimalisatie van "molecularly imprinted polymers" voor de detectie van verbindingen met een laag molecule gewicht in water milieuEERSELS, KasperTheses and DissertationsT2