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12016Basophils are dispensable for the recovery of gross locomotion after spinal cord hemisection injuryLEMMENS, Stefanie; Voehringer, David; GEURTS, Nathalie; NELISSEN, Sofie; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; GEBOES, Lies; HENDRIX, Sven; Schwartz, ChristianJournal ContributionA1
22016Mast cells promote scar remodeling and functional recovery after spinal cord injury via mouse mast cell protease 6VIDAL VERA, Pia; LEMMENS, Stefanie; GEURTS, Nathalie; NELISSEN, Sofie; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; GEBOES, Lies; Pejler, Gunnar; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile; HENDRIX, Sven; Quanten, KirstenJournal ContributionA1
32014Mast cells protect from post-traumatic spinal cord damage in mice by degrading inflammation-associated cytokines via mouse mast cell protease 4VIDAL VERA, Pia; Pehl, Debora; LEMMENS, Stefanie; Maurer, Marcus; Metz, Martin; GEURTS, Nathalie; WILLEMS, Leen; Pejler, Gunnar; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile; NELISSEN, Sofie; Boato, Francesco; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; GEBOES, Lies; HENDRIX, Sven; LEMMENS, EviJournal ContributionA1
42013Absence of IL-1 beta positively affects neurological outcome, lesion development and axonal plasticity after spinal cord injuryRosenberger, Karen; Nitsch, Robert; NELISSEN, Sofie; Boato, Francesco; Peters, Eva M.; GEBOES, Lies; HENDRIX, SvenJournal ContributionA1
52013Late blocking of peripheral TNF-alpha is ineffective after spinal cord injury in miceVIDAL VERA, Pia; NELISSEN, Sofie; GEBOES, Lies; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim; HENDRIX, Sven; LEMMENS, EviJournal ContributionA1