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12022Analysis of retinal blood vessel diameters in patients with COPD undergoing a pulmonary rehabilitation programVaes, Anouk W.; SPRUIT, Martijn; Goswami, Nandu; THEUNIS, Jan ; Franssen, Frits M. E.; DE BOEVER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
22022Cardiovascular Profile of South African Adults with Low-Level Viremia during Antiretroviral TherapyBotha-Le Roux, Shani; Elvstam, Olof; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Goswami, Nandu; Magnusson, Martin; Nilsson, Peter M.; Strijdom, Hans; Bjorkman, Per; Fourie, Carla M. T.Journal ContributionA1
32021Age‐related changes in the fractal dimension of the retinal microvasculature, effects of cardiovascular risk factors and smoking behaviourLemmens, Sophie; LUYTS, Martial ; Gerrits, Nele; IVANOVA, Anna ; Landtmeeters, Charlien; Peeters, Reinout; Simons, Anne-Sophie; Vercauteren, Julie; Sunaric-Megevand, Gordana; Van Keer, Karel; MOLENBERGHS, Geert ; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Stalmans, IngeborgJournal ContributionA1
42021Physiological Changes Differ between Responders and Nonresponders to Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COPDBuekers, J; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Theunis, J; Houben-Wilke, S; Vaes, AW; Franssen, FME; Wouters, EFM; Simons, SO; Aerts, JM; SPRUIT, Martijn A. Journal ContributionA1
52021Cardiovascular effects of air pollution: current evidence from animal and human studiesLederer, AM; Fredriksen, PM; Nkeh-Chungag, BN; Everson, F; Strijdom, H; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Goswami, NJournal ContributionA1
62021Deep learning on fundus images detects glaucoma beyond the optic discHemelings, Ruben; Elen, Bart; Barbosa-Breda, Joao; Blaschko, Matthew B.; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Stalmans, IngeborgJournal ContributionA1
72021Editorial: The Effects of Climate Change and Environmental Factors on Exercising Children and YouthMorrison, Shawnda A.; Periard, Julien D.; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Daanen, Hein A. M.Journal ContributionA2
82021Relationship between Endothelial Function, Antiretroviral Treatment and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in HIV Patients of African Descent in South Africa: A Cross-Sectional StudyNkeh-Chungag, Benedicta N.; Goswami, Nandu; Engwa, Godwill A.; Sewani-Rusike, Constance R.; Mbombela, Vuyolwethu; Webster, Ingrid; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Kessler, Harald H.; Stelzl, Evelyn; Strijdom, HansJournal ContributionA1
92021Denser Retinal Microvascular Network Is Inversely Associated With Behavioral Outcomes and Sustained Attention in ChildrenPROVOST, Eline ; NAWROT, Tim ; INT PANIS, Luc ; Standaert, Arnout; SAENEN, Nelly ; DE BOEVER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
102021Pathological myopia classification with simultaneous lesion segmentation using deep learningHemelings, Ruben; Elen, Bart; Blaschko, Matthew B.; Jacob, Julie; Stalmans, Ingeborg; DE BOEVER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
112021The AppNL-G-F mouse retina is a site for preclinical Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and researchVandenabeele, Marjan; Veys, Lien; Lemmens, Sophie; Hadoux, Xavier; Gelders, Geraldine; Masin, Luca; Serneels, Lutgarde; Theunis, Jan; Saito, Takashi; Saido, Takaomi C.; Jayapala, Murali; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; De Strooper, Bart; Stalmans, Ingeborg; van Wijngaarden, Peter; Moons, Lieve; De Groef, LiesJournal ContributionA1
122021HIV and Antiretroviral Therapy Are Independently Associated with Cardiometabolic Variables and Cardiac Electrical Activity in Adults from the Western Cape Region of South AfricaWilliams, Cassidy; Kamau, Festus M.; EVERSON, Frans ; Kgokane, Boipelo; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Goswami, Nandu; Webster, Ingrid; Strijdom, HansJournal ContributionA1
132021Vascular health assessment with flow-mediateddilatation and retinal image analysis: a pilot study in an adult population from Cape TownMarincowitz, Clara; Webster, Ingrid; Westcott, Corli; Goswami, Nandu; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Seidel, Gerald; Strijdom, HansJournal ContributionA1
142020Vascular function and cardiovascular risk in a HIV infected and HIV free cohort of African ancestry: baseline profile, rationale and methods of the longitudinal EndoAfrica-NWU studyFourie, Carla M. T.; Botha-Le Roux, Shani; Smith, Wayne; Schutte, Aletta E.; Breet, Yolandi; Mels, Carina M. C.; Gafane-Matemane, Lebo F.; Lammertyn, Leandi; Uys, Lisa; Burger, Adele; Joseph, Jitcy S.; Goswami, Nandu; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Strijdom, HansJournal ContributionA1
152020Establishing reference values for macro- and microvascular measurements in 4-to-5 year-old children of the ENVIRONAGE prospective birth cohortMADHLOUM, Narjes ; LUYTEN, Leen ; PROVOST, Eline ; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; DOCKX, Yinthe ; SLEURS, Hanne ; PLUSQUIN, Michelle ; OP'T ROODT, Jos ; VRIJENS, Karen ; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
162020Association of Retinal Microvascular Characteristics With Short-term Memory Performance in Children Aged 4 to 5 YearsLUYTEN, Leen ; DOCKX, Yinthe ; MADHLOUM, Narjes ; SLEURS, Hanne ; Gerrits, Nele; JANSSEN, Bram ; NEVEN, Kristof ; PLUSQUIN, Michelle ; PROVOST, Eline ; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; NAWROT, Tim Journal ContributionA1
172020Retinal microvascular complexity comparing mono‐ and multifractal dimensions in relation to cardiometabolic risk factors in a Middle Eastern populationVan Craenendonck, Toon; Gerrits, Nele; Buelens, Bart; Petropoulos, Ioannis N.; Shuaib, Ashfaq; Standaert, Arnout; Malik, Rayaz A.; DE BOEVER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
182020Combination of snapshot hyperspectral retinal imaging and optical coherence tomography to identify Alzheimer’s disease patientsLemmens, Sophie; Van Craenendonck, Toon; Van Eijgen, Jan; De Groef, Lies; BRUFFAERTS, Rose ; de Jesus, Danilo Andrade; Charle, Wouter; Jayapala, Murali; Sunaric-Megevand, Gordana; Standaert, Arnout; THEUNIS, Jan ; Van Keer, Karel; Vandenbulcke, Mathieu; Moons, Lieve; Vandenberghe, Rik; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Stalmans, IngeborgJournal ContributionA1
192020The Prevalence of Undiagnosed Age-Related Sight-Threatening Diseases in Self-Proclaimed Healthy IndividualsLemmens, Sophie; Barbosa Breda, Joao; Van Keer, Karel; Jacobs, Tine; Van Landeghem, Ruben; DE BOEVER, Patrick ; Stalmans, IngeborgJournal ContributionA1
202020Skin auto-fluorescence as a measure of advanced glycation end-products is associated with microvascular health in patients with COPDVaes, Anouk W.; SPRUIT, Martijn A. ; Reynaert, Niki L.; Franssen, Frits M. E.; Wouters, Emiel F. M.; THEUNIS, Jan ; DE BOEVER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1