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12020Impact of exercise-nutritional state interactions in patients with type 2 diabetesVERBOVEN, Kenneth; Wens Inez; VANDENABEELE, Frank; STEVENS, An; Celie Bert; Lapauw Bruno; DENDALE, Paul; van Loon Luc JC; Calders Patrick; HANSEN, DominiqueJournal ContributionA1
22018The driving forces of stem cell plasticity under chemical stress: A central role for TSGs and the stem cell nicheWOUTERS, Annelies; VAN ROTEN, Andromeda; Barakat, A.; Tran, T.; STEVENS, An; PLOEM, Jan-Pieter; LEYNEN, Nathalie; GENTILE, Luca; SMEETS, KarenJournal ContributionM
32016Impact of exercise training in fed or fasted state in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients on insulin sensitivity and glycemic control: a randomised clinical trialHANSEN, Dominique; WENS, Inez; VERBOVEN, Kenneth; STEVENS, An; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; Calders, PatrickConference MaterialC2
42016Altered gas-exchange at peak exercise in obese adolescents: implications for verification of effort during cardiopulmonary exercise testingMARINUS, Nastasia; BERVOETS, Liene; MASSA, Guy; VERBOVEN, Kenneth; STEVENS, An; Takken, Tim; HANSEN, DominiqueJournal ContributionA1
52015Is the respiratory gas exchange ratio a valid marker for maximal exercise effort in obese adolescents?MARINUS, Nastasia; BERVOETS, Liene; MASSA, Guy; Remans, Matthias; VERBOVEN, Kenneth; STEVENS, An; Takken, Tim; HANSEN, DominiqueConference MaterialC2
62015Exercise training improves insulin release during glucose tolerance testing in stable chronic heart failure patients.STEVENS, An; HANSEN, Dominique; HERBOTS, Lieven; WENS, Inez; CREEMERS, An; DENDALE, Paul; OP 'T EIJNDE, BertJournal ContributionA1
72015Exercise training improves cardiac function and attenuates insulin resistance in Dahl salt-sensitive ratsSTEVENS, An; FERFERIEVA, Vesselina; BITO, Virginie; WENS, Inez; VERBOVEN, Kenneth; DELUYKER, Dorien; Voet, A.; VANHOOF, Joke; DENDALE, Paul; OP 'T EIJNDE, BertJournal ContributionA1
82015Impact of 24 Weeks of Resistance and Endurance Exercise on Glucose Tolerance in Persons with Multiple SclerosisWENS, Inez; HANSEN, Dominique; VERBOVEN, Kenneth; Deckx, Nathalie; Kosten, Lauren; STEVENS, An; Cools, Nathalie; OP 'T EIJNDE, BertJournal ContributionA1
92015Impact of High Intensity Exercise on Muscle Morphology in EAE RatsWENS, Inez; Dalgas, U.; VERBOVEN, Kenneth; Kosten, L.; STEVENS, An; HENS, Niel; OP 'T EIJNDE, BertJournal ContributionA1
102014Impaired glucose regulation in heart failure: impact of exercise therapySTEVENS, AnTheses and DissertationsT1
112014Mandatory oral glucose tolerance tests identify more diabetics in stable patients with chronic heart failure: a prospective observational study.STEVENS, An; HANSEN, Dominique; Vandoren, Vincent; Westerlaken, Rob; CREEMERS, An; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; DENDALE, PaulJournal ContributionA1
122013Determinants of glucose intolerance in stable heart failure patients.STEVENS, An; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; HANSEN, Dominique; Westerlaken, Rob; Vandoren, Vincent; DENDALE, PaulConference MaterialC2
132013Lean tissue mass loss after CABG surgery: implications for clinical care .HANSEN, Dominique; HENDRIKX, Marc; Mees, Urbain; BERGER, Jan; STEVENS, An; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; DENDALE, PaulConference MaterialC2
142013Lean tissue mass loss after CABG surgery: implications for rehabilitation.HANSEN, Dominique; HENDRIKX, Marc; Mees, Urbain; BERGER, Jan; STEVENS, An; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; DENDALE, PaulConference MaterialC2
152013Exercise training limits cardiac impairment induced by high-salt dietSTEVENS, An; BITO, Virginie; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; HANSEN, Dominique; VANHOOF, Joke; Voet, A.; WENS, Inez; DENDALE, PaulJournal ContributionM
162013Effect of combined endurance and resistance training on insulin resistance, skeletal muscle strength, body composition and exercise tolerance in patients with chronic heart failure.STEVENS, An; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; HANSEN, Dominique; HERBOTS, Lieven; Houbrechts, Marita; WENS, Inez; DENDALE, PaulConference MaterialC2
172012A patient with chronic heart failure and insulin resistance or diabetes: how can cardiac rehabilitation accommodate the specific needs?STEVENS, AnConference MaterialC2
182012Hartfalen en (pre)diabetes: let's start moving!STEVENS, AnConference MaterialC2
192012Effect of cardiac rehabilitation with exercise training on fasting plasma glucose and HbA1c in patients with chronic heart failureSTEVENS, An; HANSEN, Dominique; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; DENDALE, Paul; BERGER, JanConference MaterialC2
202012Endurance exercise intensity determination in the rehabilitation of coronary artery disease patients: a critical re-appraisal of current evidenceHANSEN, Dominique; STEVENS, An; OP 'T EIJNDE, Bert; DENDALE, PaulJournal ContributionA1