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12017Long-Term Motor Deficits after Controlled Cortical Impact in Rats Can Be Detected by Fine Motor Skill Tests but Not by Automated Gait AnalysisSCHONFELD, Lisa ; Jahanshahi, Ali; LEMMENS, Evi ; Schipper, Sandra; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; Joosten, Elbert; Temel, Yasin; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
22016Immunomodulatory Therapy for Spinal Cord InjuryDOOLEY, Dearbhaile Theses and DissertationsT1
32016In Vivo Interleukin-13-Primed Macrophages Contribute to Reduced Alloantigen-Specific T Cell Activation and Prolong Immunological Survival of Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cell ImplantsHoornaert, Chloe J.; Luyckx, Evi; Reekmans, Kristien; Dhainaut, Maxime; Guglielmetti, Caroline; Le Blon, Debbie; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; Fransen, Erik; Daans, Jasmijn; Verbeeck, Louca; Quarta, Alessandra; De Vocht, Nathalie; LEMMENS, Evi ; Goossens, Herman; Van der Linden, Annemie; Roobrouck, Valerie D.; Verfaillie, Catherine; HENDRIX, Sven ; Moser, Muriel; Berneman, Zwi N.; Ponsaerts, PeterJournal ContributionA1
42016Mast cells promote scar remodeling and functional recovery after spinal cord injury via mouse mast cell protease 6VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; GEURTS, Nathalie ; Quanten, Kirsten; NELISSEN, Sofie ; LEMMENS, Stefanie ; GEBOES, Lies ; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; VIDAL VERA, Pia ; Pejler, Gunnar; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
52016Cell-Based Delivery of Interleukin-13 Directs Alternative Activation of Macrophages Resulting in Improved Functional Outcome after Spinal Cord InjuryDOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; LEMMENS, Evi ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; Le Blon, Debbie; Hoornaert, Chloe; Ponsaerts, Peter; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
62016Interleukin-25 is detrimental for recovery after spinal cord injury in miceDOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; LEMMENS, Evi ; Ponsaerts, Peter; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
72016Intracerebral transplantation of interleukin 13-producing mesenchymal stem cells limits microgliosis, oligodendrocyte loss and demyelination in the cuprizone mouse modelLe Blon, Debbie; Guglielmetti, Caroline; Hoornaert, Chloe; Quarta, Alessandra; Daans, Jasmijn; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; LEMMENS, Evi ; Praet, Jelle; De Vocht, Nathalie; Reekmans, Kristien; SANTERMANS, Eva ; HENS, Niel ; Goossens, Herman; Verhoye, Marleen; Van der Linden, Annemie; Berneman, Zwi; HENDRIX, Sven ; Ponsaerts, PeterJournal ContributionA1
82015Modulation of neuroinflammatory responses in the cuprizone mouse model following transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells genetically engineered to secrete IL13 coincides with the appearance of multiple alternatively activated macrophage and microglia phenotypesLe Blon, D.; Guglielmetti, C.; Hoornaert, C.; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; Daans, J.; LEMMENS, Evi ; De Vocht, N.; Reekmans, K.; SANTERMANS, Eva ; HENS, Niel ; Goossens, H.; Verhoye, M.; Van der Linden, A.; Berneman, Z.; HENDRIX, Sven ; Ponsaerts, P.Journal ContributionM
92015Interleukin-13 secretion by allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells reduces allograft-specific CD8+T cell activation, induces M2a macrophage polarization, and promotes allogeneic cell graft survival in miceHoornaert, C.; Luyckx, E.; Reekmans, K.; Dhainaut, M.; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; Le Blon, D.; Fransen, E.; Daans, J.; Verbeeck, L.; De Vocht, N.; LEMMENS, Evi ; Goossens, H.; Van der Linden, A.; Roobrouck, V.; Verfaillie, C.; HENDRIX, Sven ; Moser, M.; Berneman, Z.; Ponsaerts, P.Journal ContributionM
102015Alpha-Adrenoceptor Modulation in Central Nervous System Trauma: Pain, Spasms, and Paralysis - An Unlucky Triad.LEMMENS, Stefanie ; BRONE, Bert ; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; HENDRIX, Sven ; GEURTS, Nathalie Journal ContributionA1
112014Immunopharmacological intervention for successful neural stem cell therapy: New perspectives in CNS neurogenesis and repair.DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; VIDAL VERA, Pia ; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
122014Mast cells protect from post-traumatic spinal cord damage in mice by degrading inflammation-associated cytokines via mouse mast cell protease 4NELISSEN, Sofie ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; GEURTS, Nathalie ; GEBOES, Lies ; LEMMENS, Evi ; VIDAL VERA, Pia ; LEMMENS, Stefanie ; WILLEMS, Leen ; Boato, Francesco; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; Pehl, Debora; Pejler, Gunnar; Maurer, Marcus; Metz, Martin; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1
132014Mesenchymal stem cells overexpressing IL-13 decrease lesion size and demyelination after spinal cord injuryDOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; LEMMENS, Evi ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; LEMMENS, Stefanie ; De Vocht, Nathalie; Le Blon, Debbie; Ponsaerts, Peter; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionM
142013Expression of the M2-type cytokines IL4 and IL13 prevents mesenchymal stem cell graft infiltration by microglia/macrophages in the central nervous system of immune competent miceLe Blon, D.; De Vocht, N.; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; Hoornaert, C.; Daans, J.; Goossens, H.; Reekmans, K.; LEMMENS, Evi ; Berneman, Z.; HENDRIX, Sven ; Ponsaerts, P.Journal ContributionM
152012Mast cells protect from post-traumatic spinal cord inflammation in mice by degrading inflammation-associated cytokines via mouse mast cell protease 4HENDRIX, Sven ; NELISSEN, Sofie ; LEMMENS, Evi ; VANGANSEWINKEL, Tim ; VIDAL VERA, Pia ; WILLEMS, Leen ; Boato, F.; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; Pejler, G.; Maurer, M.; Metz, MartinJournal ContributionM
162012The role of "anti-inflammatory" cytokines in axon regenerationVIDAL VERA, Pia ; LEMMENS, Evi ; DOOLEY, Dearbhaile ; HENDRIX, Sven Journal ContributionA1