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12022Integrating Thermal Sensors in a Microplate Format: Simultaneous Real-Time Quantification of Cell Number and Metabolic ActivityOUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; GOOSSENS, Juul ; BORMANS, Seppe ; VANDENRYT, Thijs ; WAGNER, Patrick ; THOELEN, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
22022Oncostatin M triggers brain inflammation by compromising blood-brain barrier integrityHERMANS, Doryssa ; HOUBEN, Evelien ; BAETEN, Paulien ; Slaets, Helena; JANSSENS, Kris ; HOEKS, Cindy ; HOSSEINKHANI, Baharak ; DURAN, Gayel ; BORMANS, Seppe ; Gowing, Elizabeth; Hoornaert , Chloe; BECKERS, Lien ; Fung, Wing Ka; Schroten, Horst; Ishikawa, Hiroshi; FRAUSSEN, Judith ; THOELEN, Ronald ; de Vries, Helga E.; Kooij, Gijs; Zandee, Stephanie; Prat, Alexandre; HELLINGS, Niels ; BROUX, Bieke Journal ContributionA1
32021Printed pH Sensors for Textile‐Based Wearables: A Conceptual and Experimental Study on Materials, Deposition Technology, and Sensing PrinciplesJOSE, Manoj ; MYLAVARAPU, Satish Kumar ; Bikkarolla, Santosh Kumar; MACHIELS, Jarne ; Sankaran, K. J.; McLaughlin, James; HARDY, An ; THOELEN, Ronald ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
42021Pulsed Thermal Method for Monitoring Cell Proliferation in Real-TimeBORMANS, Seppe ; OUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; VANDORMAEL, Patrick ; VANDENRYT, Thijs ; WAGNER, Patrick ; SOMERS, Veerle ; THOELEN, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
52021A Label-Free Diamond Microfluidic DNA Sensor Based on Active Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Charge State ControlKrečmarová, Marie; GULKA, Michal ; VANDENRYT, Thijs ; HRUBY, Jaroslav ; Fekete, Ladislav; Hubík, Pavel; Taylor, Andrew; MORTET, Vincent ; THOELEN, Ronald ; BOURGEOIS, Emilie ; NESLADEK, Milos Journal ContributionA1
62021Monitoring Body Fluids in Textiles: Combining Impedance and Thermal Principles in a Printed, Wearable, and Washable SensorJOSE, Manoj ; OUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; BORMANS, Seppe ; Veske, Paula; THOELEN, Ronald ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
72021Single Element Thermal Sensor for Measuring Thermal Conductivity and Flow Rate inside a MicrochannelOUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; NIEDER, Daniel ; VANDENRYT, Thijs ; BORMANS, Seppe ; Möbius, Hildegard; THOELEN, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
82021Fully printed, stretchable and wearable bioimpedance sensor on textiles for tomographyJOSE, Manoj ; LEMMENS, Marijn ; BORMANS, Seppe ; THOELEN, Ronald ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
92021Measurement of Biomimetic Deposition of Calcium Phosphate in Real Time Using Complex CapacitanceGuttenplan, Alexander P. M.; BORMANS, Seppe ; Birgani, Zeinab Tahmasebi; Schumacher, Matthias; Giselbrecht, Stefan; Truckenmuller, Roman K.; Habibovic, Pamela; THOELEN, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
102021Oncostatin M opens the gate for T helper 17 cells during neuroinflammationHERMANS, Doryssa ; HOUBEN, Evelien ; BAETEN, Paulien ; HOSSEINKHANI, Baharak ; BORMANS, Seppe ; THOELEN, Ronald ; De Vries , Elga; HELLINGS, Niels ; BROUX, Bieke Journal ContributionM
112020The Role of Nanoparticles on Topographic Cross‐Talk in Electric Force Microscopy and Magnetic Force MicroscopyFUHRMANN, Marc ; KRIVCOV, Alexander ; Musyanovych, Anna; THOELEN, Ronald ; Moebius, HildegardJournal ContributionA1
122020Introducing a Thermal-Based Method for Measuring Dynamic Thin Film Thickness in Real-Time as a Tool for Sensing ApplicationsOUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; VANDENRYT, Thijs ; NIVELLE, Philippe ; BORMANS, Seppe ; WAGNER, Patrick ; THOELEN, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
132020A Compact 16 Channel Embedded System with High Dynamic Range Readout and Heater Management for Semiconducting Metal Oxide Gas SensorsHAMMER, Christof ; Warmer, Johannes; Maurer, Stephan; Kaul, Peter; THOELEN, Ronald ; Jung, NorbertJournal ContributionA1
142020Searching for a common origin of heat-transfer effects in bio- and chemosensors: A study on thiols as a model systemKHORSHID, Mehran ; LOSADA-PEREZ, Patricia ; Cornelis, Peter; Dollt, Michele; Ingebrandt, Sven; Glorieux, Christ; RENNER, Frank ; VAN GRINSVEN, Bart ; DE CEUNINCK, Ward ; THOELEN, Ronald ; WAGNER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
152020Thermal based biosensor - Modeling and characterizationOUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; THOELEN, Ronald Conference MaterialC2
162020Measuring Thermal Conductivity in a Microfluidic Device with the Transient Thermal Offset (TTO) MethodOUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; VANDENRYT, Thijs ; BORMANS, Seppe ; WAGNER, Patrick ; THOELEN, Ronald Proceedings PaperC1
172020Measuring Thermal Conductivity in a Microfluidic Device with the Transient Thermal Offset (TTO) MethodOUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; VANDENRYT, Thijs ; BORMANS, Seppe ; WAGNER, Patrick ; THOELEN, Ronald Journal ContributionA1
182020Magnetic Imaging of Encapsulated Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles by Data Fusion of Magnetic Force Microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy Signals for Correction of Topographic CrosstalkFUHRMANN, Marc ; Musyanovych, Anna; THOELEN, Ronald ; von Bomhard, Sibylle; Moebius, HildegardJournal ContributionA1
192019Towards light-addressable flow control: Responsive hydrogels with incorporated graphene oxide as laser-driven actuator structures within microfluidic channelsBREUER, Lars ; Pilas, Johanna; Guthmann, Eric; Schoening, Michael J.; THOELEN, Ronald ; Wagner, TorstenJournal ContributionA1
202019From lab-scale to lab-on-card: Loop-mediated isothermal amplification of biological samplesVREYS, Frederik ; JAFRANE, Lamiaa ; ZAIN, Ashwaq; BENHASSOU, Hassan Ait; LAKSSIR, Brahim; RESSAMI, El Mostafa; THOELEN, Ronald Conference MaterialC2