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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12016Simplification of Moving 3D Scene Data on GPUBEKAERT, Philippe; CHENCHU, Rajesh; MICHIELS, Nick; ROGMANS, SammyProceedings PaperC1
22015Multi-Camera Epipolar Plane Image Feature Detection for Robust View SynthesisJORISSEN, Lode; BEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, Sammy; LAFRUIT, GauthierProceedings PaperC1
32015Computing Corpus Callosum as Biomarker for Degenerative DisordersKOVAC, Thomas; VAN REETH, Frank; ROGMANS, SammyProceedings PaperC1
42015Interactive view point transition on synchronised video streamsJORISSEN, Lode; BEKAERT, Philippe; CHENCHU, Rajesh; ROGMANS, SammyProceedings PaperC1
52014Optimal Distribution of Computational Power in Free Viewpoint Interpolation by Depth Hypothesis Density Adaptation in Plane SweepingBEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, Maarten; MAESEN, StevenProceedings PaperC1
62014A Qualitative Comparison of MPEG View Synthesis and Light Field RenderingJORISSEN, Lode; BEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; MICHIELS, Nick; ROGMANS, Sammy; LAFRUIT, Gauthier; Bex, BramProceedings PaperC1
72014Free Viewpoint Video for Soccer using Histogram-Based Validity Maps in Plane SweepingBEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, Maarten; MAESEN, StevenProceedings PaperC1
82013Intelligent Visual Supercomputing on Hybrid Graphical Multiprocessor EnvironmentsROGMANS, SammyTheses and DissertationsT1
92013Optimization of Free Viewpoint Interpolation by Applying Adaptive Depth Plane Distributions in Plane Sweeping - A Histogram-based Approach to a Non-uniform Plane DistributionBEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, Maarten; MAESEN, StevenProceedings PaperC1
102013GPU-based View Interpolation for Smooth Camera Transitions in SoccerBEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, SammyConference MaterialC2
112013Real-time Video-Based View Interpolation of Soccer Events using Depth-Selective Plane SweepingANCUTI, Cosmin; BEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, MaartenProceedings PaperC1
122012Raw Camera Image Demosaicing using Finite Impulse Response Filtering on Commodity GPU Hardware using CUDABEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, SammyProceedings PaperC1
132012An End-to-end system for Free Viewpoint Video for Smooth Camera TransitionsBEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, MaartenProceedings PaperC1
142011Immersive GPU-driven biological adaptive stereoscopic renderingBEKAERT, Philippe; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, Maarten; Lafruit, GauthierProceedings PaperC2
152011A Spatial Immersive Office Environment for Computer-supported Collaborative Work - Moving towards the Office of the FutureBEKAERT, Philippe; FREDERIX, Karel; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, Maarten; TAELMAN, Johannes; MAESEN, StevenProceedings PaperC1
162010Optimized two-party video chat with restored eye contact using graphics hardwareBEKAERT, Philippe; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, Maarten; MAESEN, StevenProceedings PaperC1
172010Practical Examples of GPU Computing Optimization PrinciplesBEKAERT, Philippe; GOORTS, Patrik; ROGMANS, Sammy; Vanden Eynde, StevenProceedings PaperC1
182010Biological-Aware Stereoscopic Rendering in Free Viewpoint Technology using GPU ComputingBEKAERT, Philippe; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, Maarten; Lafruit, GauthierProceedings PaperC1
192010Immersive Teleconferencing with Natural 3D Stereoscopic Eye Contact Using GPU ComputingBEKAERT, Philippe; LAFRUIT, Gauthier; ROGMANS, Sammy; DUMONT, MaartenProceedings PaperC2
202009Real-Time Stereo-Based View Synthesis Algorithms: A Unified Framework and Evaluation on Commodity GPUsJIANGBO, Lu; BEKAERT, Philippe; LAFRUIT, Gauthier; ROGMANS, SammyJournal ContributionA1