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12022One-pot multifunctional polyesters by continuous flow organocatalysed ring-opening polymerisation for targeted and tunable materials designVoorter, Pieter-Jan; Hooker, Jordan P.; JUNKERS, Tanja; Bakkali-Hassani, Camille; Cameron, Neil R.; RUBENS, MaartenJournal ContributionA1
22021Micelle Purification in Continuous Flow via Inline DialysisJUNKERS, Tanja; VERSTRAETE, Kirsten; ZAQUEN, Neomy; Buckinx, Axel-LaurenzJournal ContributionA1
32021PEGylating poly(p-phenylene vinylene)-based bioimaging nanoprobesREEKMANS, Gunter; DESTA, Derese; JUNKERS, Tanja; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; ETHIRAJAN, Anitha; SENECA, Senne; PETERS, Martijn; NOBEN, Jean-Paul; HELLINGS, NielsJournal ContributionA1
42020Polymer Synthesis in Continuous Flow ReactorsZetterlund, Per B.; Boyer, Cyrille; JUNKERS, Tanja; Corrigan, Nathaniel; ZAQUEN, Neomy; RUBENS, Maarten; Xu, JiangtaoJournal ContributionA1
52020Telescoped continuous flow synthesis of phenyl acrylamideSALAKLANG, Jatuporn; Dermaut, Wim; Dams, Rudy; JUNKERS, Tanja; MAES, Veronique; MERTENS, ErikaJournal ContributionA1
62020Flash-synthesis of low dispersity PPV via anionic polymerization in continuous flow reactors and block copolymer synthesisJUNKERS, Tanja; VERSTRAETE, Kirsten; ZAQUEN, NeomyJournal ContributionA1
72020Tunable thermoresponsive β‐cyclodextrin‐based star polymersJUNKERS, Tanja; Van de Reydt, Emma; VRIJSEN, JeroenJournal ContributionA1
82020Sequence-defined nucleobase containing oligomers via reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer single monomer additionJUNKERS, Tanja; Roqeuro, Daniel Massana; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; MAES, Lowie; PITET, LouisJournal ContributionA1
92020Accelerated Polypeptide Synthesis via N ‐Carboxyanhydride Ring Opening Polymerization in Continuous FlowJUNKERS, Tanja; Rasines Mazo, Alicia; Qiao, Greg Guanghua; VRIJSEN, JeroenJournal ContributionA1
102020Designing molecular weight distributions of arbitrary shape with selectable average molecular weight and dispersityJUNKERS, Tanja; VRIJSEN, JeroenJournal ContributionA1
112020Simple and secure data encryption via molecular weight distribution fingerprintsJUNKERS, Tanja; RUBENS, Maarten; VRIJSEN, JeroenJournal ContributionA1
122020Photo-induced copper-mediated (meth) acrylate polymerization towards graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide modificationTrouillet, V; Welle, A; HARDY, An; JUNKERS, Tanja; RAILIAN, Svitlana; DE SLOOVERE, Dries; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; MAES, Lowie; HAVEN, Joris; VAN BAEL, Marlies; DEFERME, WimJournal ContributionA1
132020Online tracing of molecular weight evolution during radical polymerization via high-resolution FlowNMR spectroscopyLyall, Catherine L.; Thomlinson, Isabel A.; JUNKERS, Tanja; Davidson, Matthew G.; Hintermair, Ulrich; Levere, Martin E.; VRIJSEN, JeroenJournal ContributionA1
142020Muconic acid isomers as platform chemicals and monomers in the biobased economyKhalil, Ibrahim; QUINTENS, Greg; JUNKERS, Tanja; Dusselier, MichielJournal ContributionA1
152019Photoiniferter Surface Grafting of Poly(methyl acrylate) using XanthatesMöbius, Hildegard; Welle,Alexander; RAMAKERS, Gijs; Krivcov, Alexander; JUNKERS, Tanja; Trouillet,Vanessa; RUBENS, MaartenJournal ContributionA1
162019Laser-Grafted Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for the Detection of Histamine from Organocatalyzed Atom Transfer Radical PolymerizationTrouillet, Vanessa; Welle, Alexander; Wagner, Patrick; RAMAKERS, Gijs; JUNKERS, Tanja; Wackers, GideonJournal ContributionA1
172019Deconstructing Oligomer Distributions: Discrete Species and Artificial DistributionsDE NEVE, Jeroen; Harrisson, Simon; JUNKERS, Tanja; Haven, Joris J.Journal ContributionA1
182019Kinetic Control of Aggregation Shape in Micellar Self-AssemblyTabor, Rico F.; BAETEN, Evelien; Sokolova, Anna; JUNKERS, Tanja; VERSTRAETE, Kirsten; ZAQUEN, Neomy; Buckinx, Axel-LaurenzJournal ContributionA1
192019Comprehensive control over molecular weight distributions through automated polymerizationsJUNKERS, Tanja; RUBENS, MaartenJournal ContributionA1
202019Elucidation of the properties of discrete oligo(meth)acrylatesDE NEVE, Jeroen; Villavicencio, AC; JUNKERS, Tanja; Haven, jorisJournal ContributionA1