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12007Electrical performance, reliability and microstructure of sub-45 nm copper damascene lines fabricated with TEOS backfillVANSTREELS, Kris; Tokei, Z.; Leaming-Sphabmixay, K.; List, S.; Moon, K. J.; Beyer, G.; VAN OLMEN, Jan; D'HAEN, JanJournal ContributionA1
22000In-situ SEM observation of electromigration in thin metal films at accelerated stress conditionsMANCA, Jean; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; Cannaerts, M; DE SCHEPPER, Luc; Maex, K; D'OLIESLAEGER, Marc; VAN OLMEN, Jan; BEELEN, Zjef; MARTENS, Tom; D'HAEN, JanJournal ContributionA1
31999The kinetics of the early stages of electromigration and concurrent temperature induced processes in thin film metallisations studied by means of an in-situ high resolution resistometric techniqueMANCA, Jean; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; Beyne, E; Tielemans, L; DE SCHEPPER, Luc; Maex, K; VAN OLMEN, Jan; Witvrouw, A; Vandevelde, B; D'Haeger, VJournal Contribution
41998The influence of addition elements on the early resistance changes observed during electromigration testing of Al metal linesDe Pauw, P; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; Maex, K; DE SCHEPPER, Luc; Pergoot, A; VAN OLMEN, Jan; Witvrouw, A; D'Haeger, VJournal Contribution
51998Overview of the kinetics of the early stages of electromigration under low (= realistic) current density stressMANCA, Jean; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; DE SCHEPPER, Luc; Maex, K; VAN OLMEN, Jan; Witvrouw, A; D'Haeger, VJournal Contribution
61997Design of a new test structure for the study of electromigration with early resistance change measurementsMANCA, Jean; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; DE SCHEPPER, Luc; VAN OLMEN, Jan; D'Haeger, V; STALS, LambertJournal Contribution
71997The thermally balanced bridge technique (TBBT): A new high resolution resistometric measurement technique for the study of electromigration-induced early resistance changes in metal stripesCervini, A; DE CEUNINCK, Ward; DE SCHEPPER, Luc; Fantini, F; VAN OLMEN, Jan; GOLDONI, AlessandroJournal Contribution