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BERAUD, Guillaume
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12020Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Sex Differences in Social Contact Patterns and Implications for Tuberculosis Transmission and ControlHorton, Katherine C.; White, Richard G.; BERAUD, Guillaume; Corbett, Elizabeth L.; Hoey, Anne L.Journal ContributionA1
22019Bag-in-the-lens implantation helps avoid posterior synechiae of the iris after phacovitrectomyBERAUD, Guillaume; Denion, Eric; Lavayssiere, Clement Auchere; Lux, Anne-Laure; Degoumois, Alice; Billotte, ChristianJournal ContributionA1
32019Perceptions, attitudes, and practices of French junior physicians regarding antibiotic use and resistanceDousak, M.; BERAUD, Guillaume; Nathwani, D.; Klesnik, M.; Thilly, N.; Pulcini, C.; Levin, C.; Beovic, B.; Uhan, S.Journal ContributionA1
42019Practices, organisation, and regulatory aspects in advising on antibiotic prescription: the international ESCMID AntibioLegalMap surveyBERAUD, Guillaume; Tebano, Gianpiero; Beovic, Bojana; Claudot, Frederique; Thilly, Nathalie; Pulcini, Celine; Dyar, Oliver J.Journal ContributionA1
52019Impact of the French Infectious Diseases Society's (SPILF) proposals for shorter antibiotic therapiesTattevin, P.; BERAUD, Guillaume; Gauzit, R.; Thilly, N.; Pulcini, C.; Macheda, G.; Luc, A.; Castan, B.; Lesprit, P.Journal ContributionA1
62018Mathematical models and vaccination strategiesBERAUD, GuillaumeJournal ContributionA1
72018Resurgence risk for measles, mumps and rubella in France in 2018 and 2020HENS, Niel; Beutels, Philippe; BERAUD, Guillaume; Dervaux, Benoit; ABRAMS, StevenJournal ContributionA1
82018Defensive medicine among antibiotic stewards: the international ESCMID AntibioLegalMap surveyBERAUD, Guillaume; Tebano, Gianpiero; Beovic, Bojana; Thilly, Nathalie; Pulcini, Celine; Dyar, Oliver J.Journal ContributionA1
92018Management of bloodstream infections by infection specialists: an international ESCMID cross-sectional surveyKern, Winfried; BERAUD, Guillaume; Luc, Amandine; Thilly, Nathalie; Kostyanev, Tomislav; Diallo, Kevin; Ergonul, Onder; Giannella, Maddalena; Pulcini, Celine; Pano-Pardo, Jose Ramon; Kofteridis, Diamantis; Retamar, PilarJournal ContributionA1
102018Sclerotic scatterBERAUD, Guillaume; Marshall, M. -L.; Denion, G.; Lux, A. -L.; Denion, E.Journal ContributionA1
112018Modeling the impact of changes in day-care contact patterns on the dynamics of varicella transmission in France between 1991 and 2015Merler, Stefano; Marziano, Valentina; Boelle, Pierre-Yves; BERAUD, Guillaume; Poletti, Piero; Colizza, VittoriaJournal ContributionA1
122018Are infection specialists recommending short antibiotic treatment durations? An ESCMID international cross-sectional surveyLesprit, Philippe; Castan, Bernard; Macheda, Gabriel; BERAUD, Guillaume; Luc, Amandine; Beovic, Bojana; Thilly, Nathalie; Tattevin, Pierre; Pulcini, Celine; Dyar, Oliver J.; Gauzit, RemyJournal ContributionA1
132018Legal framework of antimicrobial stewardship in hospitals (LEASH): a European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) cross-sectional international surveyBERAUD, Guillaume; Nerat, Barbara; Beovic, Bojana; Dumartin, Catherine; Pulcini, Celine; Cizman, Milan; Maurel, Cristina; Dousak, MayJournal ContributionA1
142017Ensuring universal access to old antibiotics: a critical but neglected priorityCars, O.; BERAUD, Guillaume; Nathwani, D.; Carlet, J.; Roblot, F.; Sharland, M.; Levy-Hara, G.; Pulcini, C.; Beovic, B.; Howard, P.; Li, G.Journal ContributionA2
152017ESGAP inventory of target indicators assessing antibiotic prescriptions: a cross-sectional surveyHoward, Philip; Pardo, Jose Pano; BERAUD, Guillaume; Beovic, Bojana; Schouten, Jeroen; Pulcini, Celine; Huttner, Benedikt; Kofteridis, Diamantis P.Journal ContributionA1
162017Nebulized Liposomal Amphotericin B for Treatment of Pulmonary Infection Caused by Hormographiella aspergillata: Case Report and Literature ReviewCateau, Estelle; Rammaert, Blandine; BERAUD, Guillaume; Roblot, France; Le Moal, Gwenael; Grosset, Marine; Martellosio, Jean Philippe; Godet, Cendrine; Iriart, Xavier; Cadranel, JacquesJournal ContributionA1
172017Pilot Pharmacokinetic Study of High-Dose Daptomycin in Hemodialysis Patients With Infected Medical DevicesBelmouaz, Simohamed; Bridoux, Frank; Venisse, Nicolas; BERAUD, Guillaume; Bauwens, Marc-Andre; Diolez, JeremieJournal ContributionA1
182017A 5-Minute Interval between Two Dilating Eye Drops Increases Their EffectCharlot, Frederique; Denion, Eric; BERAUD, GuillaumeJournal ContributionA1
192016The Sclerotic Scatter Limbal Arc Is More Easily Elicited under Mesopic Rather Than Photopic ConditionsDenion, Eric; Mouriaux, Frederic; BERAUD, Guillaume; Lux, Anne-LaureJournal ContributionA1
202016CT Imaging Assessment of Response to Treatment in Chronic Pulmonary AspergillosisIngrand, Pierre; Laurent, Francois; Camara, Boubou; Pison, Christophe; Frat, Jean-Pierre; Toper, C├ęcile; Cottin, Vincent; BERAUD, Guillaume; Roblot, France; Germaud, Patrick; Philippe, Bruno; Beigelman-Aubry, Catherine; Godet, Cendrine; Cadranel, Jacques; Bergeron, Anne; Carette, Marie FranceJournal ContributionA1