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12013Azithromycin Attenuates Fibroblast Growth Factors Induced Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Via p38<sup>MAPK</sup> Signaling in Human Airway Smooth Muscle CellsDe Vleeschauwer, S.I.; Mooi, W.J.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Dilisen, E.; Vaneylen, A.; Verleden, G.M.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Verleden, S.E.; de Boer, W.I.; Sharma, H.S.; Vos, R.Journal ContributionA1
22013Nitric Oxide Donors Augment Interleukin-1β-Induced Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Airway Smooth Muscle CellsMooi, W.J.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; de Boer, W.I.; Alagappan, V.K.T.; Sharma, H.S.Journal ContributionA1
32012Chronic rejection pathology after orthotopic lung transplantation in mice: The development of a murine BOS model and its drawbacksBrusselle, G.; Vaneylen, A.; de Vleeschauwer, S.; Willems, S.; Jungraithmayr, W.; Verbeken, E.; Verleden, G.; van Raemdonck, D.; Vanaudenaerde, B.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Bracke, K.; Wauters, S.; Verleden, S.; Rinaldi, M.Journal ContributionA1
42011Medium-term outcome after lung transplantation is comparable between brain-dead and cardiac-dead donorsDe Vleeschauwer, S.I.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Verleden, G.M.; Wauters, S.; Verleden, S.E.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Van Raemdonck, D.E.M.; Dupont, L.J.Journal ContributionA1
52011Survival determinants in lung transplant patients with chronic allograft dysfunctionDe Vleeschauwer, S.I.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Verleden, G.M.; Verleden, S.E.; Van Raemdonck, D.E.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; De Wever, W.; Scheers, H.; Dupont, L.J.; Vos, R.Journal ContributionA1
62011Innate and adaptive interleukin-17-producing lymphocytes in chronic inflammatory lung disordersVerbeken, E.K.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Verleden, S.E.; Van Raemdonck, D.E.; Geenens, R; Dupont, L.J.; Vleeschauwer, S.I.D.; Meyts, I.; Vos, R.Journal ContributionA1
72011Transforming growth factor-β <inf>1</inf> induces angiogenesis in vitro via VEGF production in human airway smooth muscle cellsArulmani, U.; Mooi, W.J.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Verleden, G.M.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; de Boer, W.I.; Alagappan, V.K.; Sharma, H.S.Journal ContributionA1
82011A randomised controlled trial of azithromycin to prevent chronic rejection after lung transplantationDe Vleeschauwer, S. I.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Verleden, S. E.; Dupont, L. J.; Verleden, G. M.; Vanaudenaerde, B. M.; Schoonis, A.; Vos, R.; Van Raemdonck, D. E.; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1
92010Bronchoalveolar lavage neutrophilia in acute lung allograft rejection and lymphocytic bronchiolitisVerleden, Stijn E.; Verbeken, Erik K.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Van Raemdonck, Dirk E.; Dupont, Lieven J.; Vos, Rob.; De Vleeschauwer, Stephanie I.; Verleden, Geert M.; Vanaudenaerde, Bart M.; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1
102010Diagnostic value of antibodies against pseudomonas aeruginosa in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid after lung transplantationDe Vleeschauwer, S.I.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Verleden, G.M.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Verleden, S.E.; Van Raemdonck, D.E.; Dupont, L.J.; Vos, R.Journal ContributionA1
112010Elevated expression of both mRNA and protein levels of IL-17A in sputum of stable Cystic Fibrosis patientsWIDYASTUTI, Anna; Decraene, A; Bullens, D.M.; Kasran, A.; Dupont, L.J.; De Boeck, K.Journal ContributionA1
122010Long-term azithromycin therapy for bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome: Divide and conquer?Verleden GM; Robin, Vos; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Van Raemdonck, DE; De Vleeschauwer, SI; Vanaudenaerde, BM; WAUTERS, Shana; Dupont LJ; Ottevaere, A; Verleden, SE; NAWROT, TimJournal ContributionA1
132009C-Reactive Protein in Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid is Associated With Markers of Airway Inflammation After Lung TransplantationDe Vleeschauwer, S.I.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Verleden, G.M.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Van Raemdonck, D.E.; Dupont, L.J.; Vos, R.Journal ContributionA1
142009Obliterative bronchiolitis following lung transplantation: From old to new concepts?De Vleeschauwer, S.I.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Verleden, G.M.; Verleden, S.E.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Van Raemdonck, D.E.M.; Dupont, L.J.; Vos, R.Journal ContributionA1
152009Circulating and Intrapulmonary C-Reactive Protein: A Predictor of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome and Pulmonary Allograft OutcomeDe Vleeschauwer, S.I.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Verleden, G.M.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; Van Raemdonck, D.E.; Scheers, H.; Dupont, L.J.; Vos, R.Journal ContributionA1
162008Macrolide therapy targets a specific phenotype in respiratory medicine: From clinical experience to basic science and backWIDYASTUTI, Anna; Hoet, P.H.; Verleden, G.M.; Vanaudenaerde, B.M.; de Vleeschauwer, S.I.; Verleden, S.E.; Van Raemdonck, D.E.; Dupont, L.J.; Wuyts, W.A.; Nemery, B.; Meyts, I.; Vos, R.Journal ContributionA3
172007Vasoactive peptides upregulate mRNA expression and secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor in human airway smooth muscle cellsWIDYASTUTI, Anna; Garrelds, I.M.; Ten Hagen, T.L.M.; Alagappan, V.K.T.; Sharma, H.S.; Seynhaeve, A.L.B.; Saxena, P.R.Journal ContributionA1
182006Role of extracellular matrix and its regulators in human airway smooth muscle biologyParameswaran, K.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Radford, K.; Alagappan, V.K.T.; Kranenburg, A.R.; Sharma, H.S.Journal ContributionA1
192006Enhanced bronchial expression of extracellular matrix proteins in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseMooi, W.J.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Sterk, P.J.; De Boer, W.I.; Kranenburg, A.R.; Alagappan, V.K.T.; Sharma, H.S.Journal ContributionA1
202005Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is associated with enhanced bronchial expression of FGF-1, FGF-2, and FGFR-1Mooi, W.J.; WIDYASTUTI, Anna; Sterk, P.J.; de Boer, W.I.; Kranenburg, A.R.; Sharma, H.S.; Saxena, P.R.Journal ContributionA1