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12018Dynamics of the phospholipid shell of microbubbles: a fluorescence photoselection and spectral phasor approachSLENDERS, Eli ; SENECA, Senne ; PRAMANIK, Sumit ; SMISDOM, Nick ; ADRIAENSENS, Peter ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; ETHIRAJAN, Anitha ; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1
22017Rapid and label-free optical detection of individual carbon air pollutant nanoparticulates in biomedical samplesSteuwe, Christian; BOVE, Hannelore ; CLERINX, Jan ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; Fron, Eduard; NAWROT, Tim ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; Roeffaers, MaartenJournal ContributionA1
32016Biocompatible Label-Free Detection of Carbon Black Particles by Femtosecond Pulsed Laser MicroscopyBOVE, Hannelore ; Steuwe, Christian; Fron, Eduard; SLENDERS, Eli ; D'HAEN, Jan ; Fujita, Yasuhiko; Uji-i, Hiroshi; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; Roeffaers, Maarten; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1
42015Coherent intensity fluctuation model for autocorrelation imaging spectroscopy with higher harmonic generating point scatterers - a comprehensive theoretical studySLENDERS, Eli ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; HOOYBERGHS, Jef ; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1
52014Chronic Wound Healing and Woundbed-Biofilm Interactions in SilicoVAN DE VEN, Martin Journal ContributionM
62013Optimization of Mitochondrial and Cytosolic pH Determination in Madin Darby Kidney Cells using CLSM ImagesVAN DE VEN, Martin ; BALUT, Corina ; BARON, Szilvia ; SMETS, Ilse ; STEELS, Paul ; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionM
72013Fluorescence anisotropy measurements in solution: Methods and reference materials (IUPAC Technical Report)AMELOOT, Marcel ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; Ulises Acuna, A.; Valeur, BernardJournal ContributionA1
82011Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching on the confocal laser-scanning microscope: generalized model without restriction on the size of the photobleached diskSMISDOM, Nick ; Braeckmans, Kevin; Deschout, Hendrik; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; RIGO, Jean-Michel ; De Smedt, Stefaan C.; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1
92010Simvastatin Interferes With Process Outgrowth and Branching of OligodendrocytesSMOLDERS, Inge ; SMETS, Ilse ; MAIER, Olaf ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; STEELS, Paul ; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1
102010Analysis of Mitochondrial pH and Ion ConcentrationsVAN DE VEN, Martin ; BALUT, Corina ; BARON, Szilvia ; SMETS, Ilse ; STEELS, Paul ; AMELOOT, Marcel Book SectionB2
112009Diamond-based DNA sensors: surface functionalization and read-out strategiesWENMACKERS, Sylvia ; VERMEEREN, Veronique ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; BIJNENS, Nathalie ; HAENEN, Ken ; MICHIELS, Luc ; WAGNER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
122009Synthetic diamond films as a platform material for label-free protein sensorsBIJNENS, Nathalie ; VERMEEREN, Veronique ; DAENEN, Michael ; GRIETEN, Lars; HAENEN, Ken ; WENMACKERS, Sylvia ; WILLIAMS, Oliver ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; MICHIELS, Luc ; WAGNER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
132009Chinese hamster ovary cell viability on hydrogen and oxygen terminated nano- and microcrystalline diamond surfacesSMISDOM, Nick ; SMETS, Ilse ; WILLIAMS, Oliver ; DAENEN, Michael ; WENMACKERS, Sylvia ; HAENEN, Ken ; NESLADEK, Milos ; D'HAEN, Jan ; WAGNER, Patrick ; RIGO, Jean-Michel ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; VAN DE VEN, Martin Journal ContributionA1
142009Measuring Diffusion of Lipid-like Probes in Artificial and Natural Membranes by Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy (RICS): Use of a Commercial Laser-Scanning Microscope with Analog DetectionGIELEN, Ellen ; SMISDOM, Nick ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; DE CLERCQ, Ben ; Gratton, Enrico; Digman, Michelle; RIGO, Jean-Michel ; Hofkens, Johan; Engelborghs, Yves; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1
152009On the use of Z-scan fluorescence correlation experiments on giant unilamellar vesiclesGIELEN, Ellen ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; Margineanu, Anca; Dedecker, Peter; Van der Auweraer, Mark; Engelborghs, Yves; Hofkens, Johan; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1
162008Measurement of cytosolic and mitochondrial pH in living cells during reversible metabolic inhibitionBALUT, Corina ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; Despa, S; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; STEELS, Paul ; SMETS, Ilse Journal ContributionA1
172008Structural and optical properties of DNA layers covalently attached to diamond surfacesWENMACKERS, Sylvia ; POP, SD; Roodenko, K; VERMEEREN, Veronique ; WILLIAMS, Oliver ; DAENEN, Michael ; DOUHERET, Olivier ; D'HAEN, Jan ; HARDY, An ; VAN BAEL, Marlies ; Hinrichs, K.; Cobet, C; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; HAENEN, Ken ; MICHIELS, Luc ; Esser, N.; WAGNER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
182008Diffusion of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein in living OLN-93 cells investigated by raster-scanning image correlation spectroscopy (RICS)GIELEN, Ellen ; SMISDOM, Nick ; DE CLERCQ, Ben ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; Gijsbers, Rik; Debyser, Zeger; RIGO, Jean-Michel ; Hofkens, Johan; Engelborghs, Yves; AMELOOT, Marcel Journal ContributionA1
192008A MIP-based impedimetric sensor for the detection of low-MW moleculesTHOELEN, Ronald ; VANSWEEVELT, Rob ; DUCHATEAU, Jan ; HOREMANS, Frederik ; D'HAEN, Jan ; LUTSEN, Laurence ; VANDERZANDE, Dirk ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; WAGNER, Patrick Journal ContributionA1
202008Topographical and functional characterization of the ssDNA probe layer generated through EDC-mediated covalent attachment to nanocrystalline diamond using fluorescence microscopyVERMEEREN, Veronique ; WENMACKERS, Sylvia ; DAENEN, Michael ; HAENEN, Ken ; WILLIAMS, Oliver ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; VAN DE VEN, Martin ; WAGNER, Patrick ; MICHIELS, Luc Journal ContributionA1