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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12019Winkelen we binnenkort met robots?BRENGMAN, Malaika ; De Gauquier, Laurens; Van de Sanden, Stephanie; WILLEMS, Kim Book SectionB2
22019Is robotic shopping set to be the next big thing?BRENGMAN, Malaika ; De Gauquier, Laurens; van de Sanden, Stephanie; WILLEMS, Kim Book SectionB2
32019The impact of representation media on customer engagement in tourism marketing among millennialsWILLEMS, Kim ; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; Van Kerrebroeck, HelenaJournal ContributionA1
42019Leveraging advertising to a higher dimension: experimental research on the impact of virtual reality on brand personality impressionsDe Gauquier, Laurens; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim ; Van Kerrebroeck, HelenaJournal ContributionA1
52017Escaping the crowd: An experimental study on the impact of a Virtual Reality experience in a shopping mallVan Kerrebroeck, Helena; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim Journal ContributionA1
62016When brands come to life: Experimental research on the vividness effect of virtual reality in transformational marketing communicationsVan Kerrebroeck, Helena; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim Proceedings PaperC2
72016Measuring Facebook addiction among adults: Validating the Bergen Facebook addiction scale in a non-student sampleSteenackers, Kathy; Cassidy, Bryan; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim Journal ContributionM
82016In-Store Proximity Marketing: Experimenting with Digital Point-of-Sales Communicationvan de Sanden, Stephanie; WILLEMS, Kim ; BRENGMAN, Malaika Proceedings PaperC1
92015Virtual worlds in real life: Opportunities in retailingVan Kerrebroeck, Helena; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim Conference MaterialC2
102012Store personality impression formation: Comparing grocery and fashion retailingBRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim ; Mikolacjzak - De Grauwe, KalinaWorking PaperR2
112012From Armani to Zara: Impression formation based on fashion store patronageWILLEMS, Kim ; JANSSENS, Wim ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; STREUKENS, Sandra ; VANCAUTEREN, Mark Journal ContributionA1
122012The impact of in-store greenery on customersBRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim ; Joye, YannickJournal ContributionA1
132011Fashion store personality: Scale development and relation to self-congruity theoryWILLEMS, Kim ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; JANSSENS, Wim Journal ContributionA1
142010The effects of urban retail greenery on consumer experience: Reviewing the evidence from a restorative perspectiveJoye, Yannick; WILLEMS, Kim ; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; Wolf, KathleenJournal ContributionA1
152010From Armani to Zara: Impression Formation Based on Fashion Store PatronageWILLEMS, Kim ; JANSSENS, Wim ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; BRENGMAN, Malaika ; STREUKENS, Sandra ; VANCAUTEREN, Mark Conference MaterialC2
162010Fashion Store Personality: Scale Development and Relation to Self-Congruity TheoryWILLEMS, Kim ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; JANSSENS, Wim ; BRENGMAN, Malaika Conference MaterialC2
172009Determinants of fashion store personality. A consumer perspectiveBRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim Journal ContributionA1
182009The moderating role of environmental complexity on the impact of vegetation in the store environmentBRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim ; JOYE, YannickProceedings PaperC2
192009The impact of in-store vegetation: The moderating role of store complexityBRENGMAN, Malaika ; WILLEMS, Kim ; Joye, YannickConference MaterialC2
202008Is green really the colour of money? A conceptual inquiry into the effects of greenery on the consumer experienceJOYE, Yannick; WILLEMS, Kim ; BRENGMAN, Malaika Proceedings PaperC2