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12010Nanocrystalline boron-doped diamond films, a mixture of BCS-like and non-BCS-like superconducting grainsCourtois, H.; Bustarret, E.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; Dahlem, F.; Achatz, P.; Araujo, D.Journal ContributionA1
22010Semiconducting to metallic-like boron doping of nanocrystalline diamond films and its effect on osteoblastic cellsWILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; Bacakova, Lucie; Rezek, Bohuslav; Vanecek, Milan; Kromka, Alexander; Grausova, Lubica; Vacik, JiriJournal ContributionA1
32009Diamond Nucleation by Carbon Transport from Buried Nanodiamond TiO2 Sol-Gel CompositesWILLIAMS, Oliver; Van Tendeloo, G.; HAENEN, Ken; NESLADEK, Milos; Zhang, Liang; HARDY, An; DAENEN, Michael; Erni, R.; VAN BAEL, Marlies; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
42009The Diamond Nano-BalanceMORTET, Vincent; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; DAENEN, MichaelJournal ContributionA1
52009Low-temperature transport in highly boron-doped nanocrystalline diamondBustarret, E.; Dubouchet, T.; Piquerel, R.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; Gajewski, W.; Chapelier, C.; Stutzmann, M.; Marcenat, C.; Garrido, J. A.; Achatz, P.Journal ContributionA1
62009Negative magnetoresistance in boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond filmsJANSSENS, Stoffel; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; Wagner, P.; Willems, B. L.; Zhang, G.; Moshchalkov, V. V.; WAGNER, Patrick; Vanacken, J.Journal ContributionA1
72009Intrinsic granularity in nanocrystalline boron-doped diamond films measured by scanning tunneling microscopyJANSSENS, Stoffel; Dao, V. H.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; Suderow, H.; Vieira, S.; Willems, B. L.; Moshchalkov, V. V.; Chibotaru, L. F.; WAGNER, Patrick; Vanacken, J.; Guillamon, I.Journal ContributionA1
82009Metal–insulator transition and superconductivity in highly boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond filmsBustarret, E.; Dubouchet, T.; Piquerel, R.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; Chapelier, C.; Gajewski, W.; Stutzmann, M.; Bonnot, A.M.; Marcenat, C.; Garrido, J.A.; Achatz, P.Journal ContributionA1
92009Diamond nano-wires, a new approach towards next generation electrochemical gene sensor platformsOsawa, E.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; Nebel, C. E.; Yang, N.; Uetsuka, H.; Tokuda, N.Journal ContributionA1
102009Electronic and optical properties of boron-doped nanocrystalline diamond filmsBustarret, E.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; Gajewski, W.; Stutzmann, M.; Garrido, J. A.; Achatz, P.Journal ContributionA1
112009Nanocrystalline diamond piezoresistive sensorKulha, P.; Husak, M.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; Vanecek, M.; Babchenko, Oleg; Kromka, A.Journal ContributionA1
122009Characterisation of capacitive field-effect sensors with a nanocrystalline-diamond film as transducer material for multi-parameter sensingSchoening, M. J.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; BIJNENS, Nathalie; Poghossian, A.; Abouzar, Maryam H.; Razavi, A.; WAGNER, PatrickJournal ContributionA1
132009Synthetic diamond films as a platform material for label-free protein sensorsBIJNENS, Nathalie; GRIETEN, Lars; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; WENMACKERS, Sylvia; DAENEN, Michael; AMELOOT, Marcel; VAN DE VEN, Martin; VERMEEREN, Veronique; WAGNER, Patrick; MICHIELS, LucJournal ContributionA1
142009Chinese hamster ovary cell viability on hydrogen and oxygen terminated nano- and microcrystalline diamond surfacesWILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; NESLADEK, Milos; WENMACKERS, Sylvia; SMETS, Ilse; DAENEN, Michael; SMISDOM, Nick; RIGO, Jean-Michel; AMELOOT, Marcel; VAN DE VEN, Martin; WAGNER, Patrick; D'HAEN, JanJournal ContributionA1
152008Diamond nanoseeding on silicon: Stability under H-2 MPCVD exposures and early stages of growthOsawa, E.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; Saada, S.; NESLADEK, Milos; HAENEN, Ken; Arnault, J.C.; Bergonzo, PJournal ContributionA1
162008Diamond: Acoustic wave filters and sensors applicationsMORTET, Vincent; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, KenBook SectionB2
172008Growth and properties of nanocrystalline diamond filmsWILLIAMS, Oliver; NESLADEK, Milos; Hubik, P.; Mares, J.J.Book SectionB2
182008Field effect sensor on nanocristalline diamond baseCHRISTIAENS, Pieter; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, Ken; Schoning, Michael J.; Poghossian, Arshak; Abouzar, Maryam H.; WAGNER, PatrickProceedings PaperC1
192008Diamond: a material for acoustic devicesMORTET, Vincent; WILLIAMS, Oliver; HAENEN, KenJournal ContributionA1
202008Growth, electronic properties and applications of nanodiamondJackman, R.B.; Osawa, E.; WILLIAMS, Oliver; NESLADEK, Milos; HAENEN, Ken; DAENEN, Michael; Hoffman, A.; Michaelson, S.Journal ContributionA1