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BLOEMER, Johanna
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12009The CoO-ELM model: A theoretical framework for the cognitive processes underlying country of origin-effectsBLOEMER, Johanna ; BRIJS, Kris ; Kasper, HansJournal ContributionA1
22006Country images: do they really matter? Critical reflections and empirical evidence rehabilitating the importance and understanding of country-of-origin effectsBRIJS, Kris ; BLOEMER, Johanna ; KASPER, HansConference MaterialC2
32005Inductive development of customer E-loyalty theory with Bayesian networksJARONSKI, Waldemar ; VANHOOF, Koen ; BLOEMER, Johanna Proceedings PaperC1
42004Exploiting sensitivity analysis in Bayesian networks for customer satisfaction studyJARONSKI, Waldemar ; BLOEMER, Johanna ; VANHOOF, Koen ; WETS, Geert Proceedings PaperC1
52004Applying Bayesian networks in practical customer satisfaction studiesJARONSKI, Waldemar ; BLOEMER, Johanna ; VANHOOF, Koen ; WETS, Geert Proceedings PaperC1
62003Comparing complete and partial classification for identifying customers at riskBLOEMER, Johanna ; BRIJS, Tom ; VANHOOF, Koen ; SWINNEN, Gilbert Journal ContributionA1
72002Identifying latently dissatisfied customers and measures for dissatisfaction managementBLOEMER, Johanna ; BRIJS, Tom ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; VANHOOF, Koen Journal ContributionA1
82001Use of Bayesian belief networks to help understand online audienceJARONSKI, Waldemar ; BLOEMER, Johanna ; VANHOOF, Koen ; WETS, Geert Proceedings PaperC2
92001Merkenbeleid, ook een key succes factor in high-tech marktenPeters, K.; BLOEMER, Johanna Journal ContributionA3
102001De invloed van de winkel en de consument op winkeltrouwBLOEMER, Johanna ; Odekerken-Schroder, G.J.Journal ContributionA1
112001Gaining insight into characteristics of online audiences with new approachesJARONSKI, Waldemar ; BLOEMER, Johanna ; VANHOOF, Koen ; WETS, Geert Proceedings PaperC2
122001The use of characteristic rules for identifying latently dissatisfied customersBLOEMER, Johanna ; BRIJS, Tom ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; VANHOOF, Koen Proceedings PaperC2
132000Antecedents and consequences of role stress of retail sales personsWetzels, M.G.M.; de Ruyter, J.C.; BLOEMER, Johanna Journal ContributionA1
141999Customer loyalty in extended service settings: the interaction between satisfaction, value attainment and positive moodde Ruyter, J.C.; BLOEMER, Johanna Journal Contribution
151999The effects of satisfaction and involvement on loyaltyBLOEMER, Johanna ; Kasper, J.D.P.Proceedings Paper
161999Customer loyalty in high and low involvement settings: the moderating impact of positive emotionsde Ruyter, K.; BLOEMER, Johanna Journal Contribution
171999Linking perceived service quality and behavioral intentions: a multi-dimensional perspective using structural equation modellingBLOEMER, Johanna ; de Ruyter, J.C.; Wetzels, M.G.M.Journal Contribution
181998Explaining brand loyalty, dealer sales loyalty and dealer after-sales loyalty: the influence of satisfaction with the car, satisfaction with the sales service and the satisfaction with the after-sales serviceBLOEMER, Johanna ; Pauwels, K.Journal Contribution
191998Brand choice commitment and involvementBLOEMER, Johanna Journal Contribution
201998Customer loyalty in a service settingBLOEMER, Johanna ; de Ruyter, K.; Wetzels, M.Journal Contribution